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Lync 2010 Response Group Call Transfer Fails

I recently completed a Cisco Unified Communication Manager migration to Microsoft Lync Server 2010. During the planning stages we identified 2 simple Hunt Groups that needed to be created using Lync Response Groups. These were pretty simple in that an inbound call would use a list of agents when signed in and if nobody answered it would be sent to the Exchange UM Auto Attendant.

The problem comes when Lync transfers the call to another system like Exchange UM which as you can see in the process flow above we do if there is no agent available or it is outside of business hours. The configuration for the Response Group Forward is shown below with the SIP URI of the Lync Auto Attendant configured using OCSUMUTIL.exe.

By navigating to the Lync Server Control Panel – Selecting “Voice Routing” – then “Trunk Configuration” – then selecting Edit for the “Global” Trunk you will see “Enable Refer support”. “Enable refer support” when checked will send SIP REFER messages across the trunk (in this instance between Lync and Exchange 2010). However, it appears when selected calls from the PSTN to a Response Group that are then transferred to Exchange Auto Attendants will be dropped.

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