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Microsoft Lync Has Reached RTM

Yesterday, the Microsoft Communications Server Team announced that Microsoft Lync has reached the RTM milestone (Released to Manufacturing). This process begins the steps to get the code available to customers and partners worldwide called General Availability (GA). I know many of you are very anxious to get your hands on the final release and understand what it means to go from RC to RTM code, but please be patient. It typically takes 2 weeks from the RTM announcement to have code GA to Microsoft Volume Licensing (MVLS) and TechNet follows behind that. Make sure to follow the Microsoft Communications Server team here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/uc/archive/2010/10/27/microsoft-lync-released-to-manufacturing.aspx

RC to RTM Migration

Those of you that have deployed the Release Candidate of Microsoft Lync Server will take solace knowing that there will be a process to migrate to the RTM code. Notice however that I said migration; this will be a side by side migration with new servers and new enterprise edition pools (this includes a new SQL instance to avoid overwriting the RTC databases!).

There is a lot of excitement out about this product and how it is going to truly change the landscape of PBX deployments. This is the reason I started this blog 2 years ago! It is an exciting time to be a UC consultant and I am very proud to be a Microsoft UC MVP!

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