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Welcome Microsoft Lync 2010


It was just a short time ago that I received an email from the Partner TAP program informing me that Live Communications Server was being rebranded to align with the Office platform and would now be called Office Communications Server. Just a short 3 years later we now have what I hope is the final name change for a game changing product! Microsoft Communications Server “14” is now Microsoft Lync!


Lync will be the new branding for the entire product line including Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Lync Online, Lync Client and Lync Web App (ala Outlook Web App).


So Why Lync and Why Now? First the word Lync is a combination of the words “link” and “sync” which are two descriptive words of what Microsoft is trying to do with their Unified Communication platform, bring people together efficiently and in a cost effective manner which can include voice, video, instant messaging, desktop sharing and application integration. When I first heard about the name change I was apprehensive, I of course asked why now? OCS had gained a considerable amount of market share and if any name change was in store, I thought for sure it was just going to be called Communications Server. But this product is so different than its predecessor that it needs to be differentiated, and everyone calls their product “communications server”

After a long week of stewing on it, I am starting to like the name! Not as much as I like this product yet, just wait until you get a hold of it and you will see why! This product and Exchange Server 2010 was the reason for which this blog is named UnplugThePBX! It is truly time to evaluate your legacy and IPT environment to see if Lync is right for your business, I think you will be surprised at what you will find.

The release candidate is available here:


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